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Impreza już się odbyła

Spotkanie z native speakerami

Welcome to Language Exchange Meeting! It is been over a year since we started gathering in Sopot.

Now is the time to make it even more interesting so we decided to start gokart league competition for the summer! Every week we will organise gokart race. Everyone can take part as many times as possible to achive the best result. And at the end of the season winner will get a prize!!!!

We have for you special prices with 20% discount so 8 minutes on the track is only 24zł.

The discount is also available for drinks & food to make us feel more happy :)

Beer is 6.4zł
Vodka is 5.6zł

And our new menu includes:

Paninis :
Chicken - baguette , chicken , cheese, tomato , lettuce , mayonnaise sauce
Vege - baguette , dried tomatoes, feta cheese, rocket, pesto sauce
Fish - baguette , smoked salmon, rocket, capers, black olives

Tagliatelle with chicken in spinach sauce with parmezan cheese
Pan roasted chicken sun-dried tomatoes and feta
Grilled turkey with cranberry sauce on beetroot ratatouille
Pork with bacon and mushrooms roulade
Grilled pork with horseradish sauce
Salmon marinated in white wine
Pork tenderloin wrapped in smoked bacon

Directions: Take skm train to Sopot Wyscigi stop, cross the rail over the bridge and turn right, go to the Instytut Spraw Wszelakich/KartCenter place with gokarts. You have arrived!