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Infoshare 2019 Industrial After Party

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End with us the 13th edition of the conference as loud and spectacular as we've started!

Rock Night

lip 27

sobota, godz. 21:00 - 04:00

bilety 10 zł

Gold Party

lip 27

sobota, godz. 21:00

bilety 5 zł
Despite excellent music, there will be a great opportunity to share your experience and impressions from the Infoshare 2019!

Available for: all Attendees.

After productive days at the conference. It's time to end 13th edition of Infoshare as loud and spectacular as we've started!

Let's dive in the pomeranian ecosystem with an industrial vibe of Elektryków Street at the beautiful place "Plenum".

The main attraction of this year After Party is a concert Rosalie.! This beautiful and talented artist mixes inspiration with sound in her music of American R&B and hip-hop '80/90 with a passion for new electronics. Besides, this night we will network and have fun with the music of polish DJ's collective "Gdańska Szkoła Disco".


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