Impreza już się odbyła

Fale - impreza dla niestabilnych

Wydział Remontowy zaprasza na imprezę dla niestabilnych - Fale.

Stephen said why not write something
That's not so deep and meaningful?
But the truth can be so,
Tragic and beautiful.

Blythe said she could never
Tell anyone just how she feels.
How will anyone know when,
She caves in and it all gets real?

I want to bare my soul -
In a way that no one can.
In the hope that
some of you might understand
How it feels
To be so alone.
To be so alone.
To be so alone.

Cassandra said she'd lost the plot
When she stopped the car to drop me off.
I watched her disappear
Her face reflected in the rear-view mirror.

Sophie woke me in the dead of night
To tell me how her dad had died.
I lie here in the dark but,
Now there's nowhere left to hide.



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